Tuesday, May 25, 2021

New Cold War against China has been declared...


This is such utter bullshit....they're gearing up to throw more money at the Pentagon in the upcoming defense budget negotiations but this time its different.


Because this is NOT a rerun of the Cold War against the Soviet Union. 

This is truly a WHOLE OF GOVT conflict on EVERY LEVEL.  

Quite honestly the military aspect of this conflict could be the most noticeable but LEAST CONSEQUENTIAL part of this brewing fight. 

The stark reality?  If we lose territory we can win it back.  If we get pushed back to fortress America we can roar back to the steps of their door.

The real battle field will happen in economics, finances, trade, science, infrastructure and other areas.

Don't get me wrong.

The military aspects are important and every life loss/damaged is horrific.  But I'm talking on the nation state level not on the personal level of our citizens.

My fear is that we are behind in many areas in relation to China.  We ARE IN COMPETITION with the Chinese but not militarily.  It's bigger than that.  But unfortunately we've conditioned the American people to just throw money at the military and they'll fix it.

Well it ain't so this time.

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