Thursday, May 13, 2021

Politics talk. You do realize this Liz Cheney drama was all contrived nonsense don't you?

Sometimes things fit together a bit too neatly to be coincidence.

This Liz Cheney drama fits that bill.

So let me get this straight.

We have the Israelis and Palestinians engaged in combat that seems to be escalating on a daily basis (I can't even figure out how all that kicked off much less see where its going...this came out the blue...which is why I haven't been talking about it), our infrastructure got hacked and the company paid ransom to get it back online (wonder if the Feds approved that payment), inflation is raging like a monster in a cage with the door ajar and unemployment is looking just as bad and lagging as at any point recently.

During all this Ms Cheney decides to talk about a former President?  Before the dust settles on that a few prominent Republicans are talking about a new party?

Complete setup and another psyops game being run on Americans.

Personally I'm getting tired of the fake drama.

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