Saturday, May 08, 2021

Predictable. China is seeking a base in West Africa to refuel/rearm ships to push into the Atlantic...

Forget the commentary and read the article.

The tidbits of facts...especially the comment by the Africa Command CG is interesting.

We're still thinking about trying to bottle them up in the Pacific...behind the first island chain while they're about to take us worldwide.

The crazy thing?

It's all predictable if YOU DON'T UNDERESTIMATE Chinese capabilities and ambitions.

My argument?  Containment is no longer possible.  The competition phase is a joke.  We're into the pre-combat phase. It might be them defending an ally, seeking to overthrow a govt (doubtful...not the Chinese way) or using a proxy to push their agenda. Regardless we're in the 21st century version of the interwar period.

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