Friday, May 28, 2021

Royal Navy, Royal Air Force & US Marines aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth

Wow. After reading an interview with the Colonel in charge of the squadron deployed to the QE, the Marine Corps is gonna have to pry Marine Air from hitching rides on the QE. 

Compared to LHDs that's a HUGE landing area and he basically said how nice it is to land on a deck that isn't crowded. The accommodations are much better too. Do the Europeans have a lower combat status for their naval vessels and can provide better living conditions or is it just the case that the Navy wants its crewmen to suffer while deployed? 

I read about the cross decking with the French and those bubbas talked about how fabulous the accommodations were there too. It's a small thing but maybe we need to make our ships more livable if we're gonna spend more time at sea and less ashore.


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