Friday, May 14, 2021

The ‘Mayaguez Incident’...a horrible day when we DID leave men behind...

via Stars & Stripes

And the time to find any remains or other clues appears to be slipping away, with plans by a Russian consortium, Monarch Investment Co. Ltd., to build resorts, hotels and luxury villas that it hopes would draw an estimated 300,000 tourists annually to the island that currently is manned only by a small contingent of Cambodian military personnel in flip flops and shorts.

Despite multiple JPAC missions to the island, survivors and family members are tortured by the lack of answers and looming construction, which they see as a closing window to bringing the fallen home.

“We are very concerned” they will bulldoze over the remains and keep going, according to Dan Hoffman, who said he and other survivors have fought alcohol and PTSD while suffering in silence over the violent clash and revelations that the three were left behind.

Janet Hall Meadows’ brother, Pfc. Gary Hall, was 18 when he was left behind on Koh Tang. He was taken to the mainland and executed by Khmer Rouge forces, according to Em Son, the Khmer Rouge commander of the island during the battle who talked to Stars and Stripes last year. Meadows said she hasn’t heard from U.S. officials in years even though they claim to have excavated sites in 1999 where Hall’s remains were said to be.

“I have no closure for him and that’s all I really wanted,” Meadows said. “They say never leave anyone behind, but they left him behind and the other two boys.”

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Enough time has passed that the idea of "embarrassing" a senior official should no longer be a consideration.

The families of these men need closure.

The Marine Corps needs closure.

We all need accountability.

But more than even all that we need to learn the lesson of this incident. The tactical aspect of this assault cannot be ignored and in light of the moves being made, must be properly analyzed so that the same mistakes aren't made in the future.

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