Tuesday, May 18, 2021

They sink the knife deep and now they turn it...1st Tank Deactivation Ceremony


Within the span of the next 3 Commandants we'll either see this capability revitalized or the Marine Corps will die from the bean counters. Some recent Ivy League College Grad will count money, compare capabilities and state plainly that the Navy can do what the Marine Corps does now (with Force 2030) with an additional Burke or two. The Army will have developed so much capability in long range fires that this "niche role" will be competed over and won by the Army gun (and now) missile bunnies.

Marine Air will be irrelevant.  The F-35 will in essence price itself out of existence and the Marine Corps will be flying a pure manned fleet of F-35s that will cost a king's ransom to maintain.

A Marine Major asked "who are we" and I would like to find the bubba and ask him if he likes what he sees now.

I am so amazed that the 2nd land army nonsense got bitten on so hard by the leadership in the Marine Corps.

Claiming to be  a "Stand In Force" as our reason for existence is to simply herald the casing of the Marine Corps colors.

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