Monday, May 03, 2021

US Senior National Rep to UK Carrier Strike Group talks about "America's STAND IN FORCE" deploying F-35's aboard the Queen Elizabeth...

It gets better though. Apparently "The STAND IN FORCE" will perhaps get some action in Syria...

I find this whole thing interesting.

A Civilian is acting as "US Senior National Rep" aboard an allied carrier? I've been told that this has happened before.  From what I've read it was simply a little crossdecking but was told that full on deployments were made.

Is this part of that "normal procedure"?

Is it because US forces aboard a foreign vessel could be called on to act at the behest of the host govt and this is a fig leaf to hide behind?


What if an enemy of the UK were to attack one of protectorates?  What if the current administration chose not to intervene but the Brits were hell bent on taking action.

Would we simply offload our planes and personnel?

I always thought this little dog and pony made absolutely no sense.  I always thought this carried at least a degree of risk (how much I don't know).

What I do know is that 2021 is shaping up to be as surprising as 2020. I'm betting something will go (at best) goofy on this cruise.

One thing has me a bit miffed though.

This is part of Amos' folly.  You remember the "die in the ditch for the F-35" dude right?  Well Berger is having to deal with it.  I wonder if the next commandant will be having to deal with Berger's folly known as "America's STAND IN FORCE".

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