Sunday, May 09, 2021

Wow Canada...Check yourself...This is a terrible look...

When we all get back to "normal" there will be a reckoning for how some governors handled the covid situation.  

The same for some nations (the USA included).

But Canada?  Never thought I'd put them on the list of nations that would have to deal with bad policy from this thing but I was wrong.

Terrible look.  

The funny thing?  Even during the pandemic people in certain jobs (I know I'm in one) still had to go to work.  Fast food shops were open (considered essential) as well as certain BIG CHAIN stores.

Said all that to say that during a lockdown when people suffered mental health issues it would probably be a good thing to allow people of faith to attend church (and even those that were seeking).

Check yourself Canada ... this is a terrible look. 

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