Friday, May 21, 2021

You people are being spun by the media and Hamas supporters...Israel crushed them in this round of fighting...

I'm amazed.

I've been monitoring the conversations on this blog about the latest round of Israeli vs Palestinian fighting and I'm flabbergasted by the thinking that some are expressing.

Hamas won?

Fucking wow!

How do you figure????

Go over the tick-tock of the events of this week.  Rioting at a religious center (don't remember if it was a Temple or a Mosque).  Hamas starts launching rockets. The Israeli response is at first tepid but soon ramps up.  Hamas launches its full magazine.  The Israelis ramp it up further and airstrikes commence in earnest.

What did we start hearing?

Iron Dome is failed because a few leakers get thru the defense.  Next we hear the predictable.  A target is hit (occupied by the media and co-habitated by Hamas) and suddenly the Israelis are attacking the media, targeting civilians etc.

That's straight out the terrorist playbook.  HUG CIVILIANS so retaliatory strikes become problematic (off the table for weak leadership either at the tactical or strategic level).

The Israelis continue the onslaught.

Next up is another page out of the playbook.  The media calls for international action to stop the fighting.  The Biden administration (much to their credit) walks a fine line.  Their base is wanting Israel's head on a plate and to back Hamas while the usual international players are calling for calm and a cease fire.

The Israeli PM continues the effort and signals that an incursion is on the table.

The media goes nuts.  Calls for a ceasefire increase.  We see pics of injured children.

Egypt steps up and brokers a ceasefire.

The Palestinians declare victory.

We've seen this before but I've never seen so many people buy into the idea that they won?  

How do you win when you've emptied your magazine, your opponent is still firing and hitting their targets and you're reduced to begging the world to make them stop?

I don't get the thinking!

Tell me where I'm wrong.  If you're anti-semitic then don't bother with responding.  I'm looking at the military situation and I don't care about your personal bias or politics.

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