Monday, June 07, 2021

Circling back to the TitanTactical Folding Stock Adapter

I forgot who recommended this thing to me (I know it was a long time reader and someone who's opinion I value) but I took the plunge and made the order.

It was cheap as chips and I thought even if it don't work I'm not out anything.

Well full disclosure.

It was not a happy beginning.  They almost immediately sent out a processing e-mail and ricky tick quick I got a shipped notification.

Then I waited.

About a month later it finally hit my mail box.

Life has DEFINITELY gotten in the way.  Work has been a bear and I've had some body malfunctions too.  Needless to say I haven't been able to add it to my build.

Luckily another reader, M. Tinsley, saw the recommendation in the comments and he took the plunge too.

HE sent this note to me.
About a month or so ago you ran a story on an inexpensive folding stock mechanism. I purchased one and it appears to be identical to those costing 2-4 times more. However, the buffer extension is made of a cheap plastic of questionable durability. I found an Aluminum buffer extension at Sylvan Arms for $8 + $5 shipping. Received mine today and it appears to be very durable and well made.

I'm following his recommendation and gonna get ahold of the buffer extension he noted.

Long story short?  Take the dive (if you're looking for a stock adapter) but make the upgrade too.  Be advised that (unless they've gotten alot better) that communication with them is spotty and they're gonna be late shipping your gear.

Other than that this thing appears to be a STRONG good go when it comes to adding a little versatility to your personal arms locker! 

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