Friday, June 04, 2021

I need a computer geek. Any in the audience?

Hey all. The title says it all. I NEED A COMPUTER GEEK!

The old proverb once again proves true.  Be careful who you're mean to cause you might need them later.

We'll I'm hoping I have one in my audience cause I need a GEEK!

The problem?

Google Blogger is basically trashing their old interface and my HTML code is all jacked up and despite spending some time trying to sort it I'm still confused.  My header won't accept my new inputs so I've lost my banner pic and my advertising snippet is just lost in the woods.

If you got skills then let's converse.  If you don't and want to just sniggle and laugh at my lack of ability then I just gotta take the lick.

Evolve or die huh?  I get that!

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