Monday, June 07, 2021

If "Berger's Folly" is so right then why is the messaging on it so damn bad?


I was thinking about this thing that is being birthed and had to take a step0 back.

Full disclosure.

I don't like it.  I don't like it one bit.

But if I pause and lie to myself and state that "Berger's Folly" is spot on and its just what the nation and the Corps needs going into the future it still leaves one huge question.

If this thing is so right then why is the messaging on it so bad?  I've tried to keep an open mind on this thing.  I've tossed out my critique of the thing, and I've expressed my misgivings.

Luckily I have a COUPLE of readers that have tried to give HQMC's view of things.

But even with that, doubts remain.  Even with that its beyond obvious that the tribe HAS NOT bought into this thing.

Do you remember the steps leading up to this?  Amos and his jacked up air centric Marine Corps.  Neller with his wandering all over the place and basically a wasted four years.  Now Berger and his radical transformation.

But do you know what came in-between all that?  I do.  It was two things that we were beat over the head with.  Both of them false but both of them being repeated over and over with little pushback (I know I didn't because I thought they were batshit crazy).

The first was that we were a 2nd land army.  I didn't buy that because Marines have been doing the Marine-thing since WW1~!  No complaints at all.  NONE.  It suddenly hit the fan when we got an Air Centric Commandant.

The second came from some lost in the woods Major that asked (can you imagine having attained that rank asking this question) "who are we"?

I left that one alone because I expected the Division SgtMajor to handle that.  Obviously he didn't because it became a "cause celeb" throughout the Mil-Twitter verse.

But back on task.

This Force Design seems built with the singular goal of "not being a 2nd land army" and of "getting back to our naval roots" (forgot to put that in there but it fits here).

Even in attempting to answer those questions the reality is that the Marine Corps is currently lost.

The friction throughout the organization is palatable.  The confusion obvious.  The churn undeniable.

I believe I'm right.  I believe that shortly after Berger leaves office this concept will be put on the shelf.

But if I'm wrong and this is the way to go then Berger should get out from behind his desk, tour every Marine Corps installation, unit and fighting position and get buy in from those he leads.

He needs to get the messaging right on this thing and as of this moment he's failing about as badly as the Navy will in delivering his Light Amphibious Warship to him on time/budget.

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