Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Navy Maternity Flight Suits increase safety, meet urgent fleet need

 Not only do we send our women into wars (not last line, we're about to be over run in the homeland wars) but we also send those that are pregnant into war.

We risk not one life but two.  Think about it.  If I go batshit stupid, walk down the street and shoot 6 people - one of which is pregnant - I'll be charged with taking 7 lives.

We all agree with that thinking.

But if that woman decides that the child she is carrying is a "burden", "badly timed", pick your poison, then that woman can legally (and for some in our society, cheerfully) abort the pregnancy.

Our logic is fucked up...that's a sign of a morally bankrupt society.

Regardless.  Maternity Flight Suits and Utilities increase safety and meet an urgent fleet need...or so says our betters.

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