Sunday, June 27, 2021

Once we were told to believe the we know the scientist at best deceived, maybe were horribly mistaken or worst lied!

I don't know if you've been following this but the change of tone on this things has been dramatic and stunning.

When this hit we were told without a shred of doubt that this thing was natural.

I had certain members of this tribe yell those of us that doubted that down, and damn near called us idiots after they went thru a supposed laundry list of why this thing was natural.

Now the scientist are walking this back.

Now the conspiracy talk about this thing being man-made aren't being shouted.

They're trying to pivot to the position of admitting that this thing got loose.

It's becoming obvious that this was all political.  The societal trauma that was let loose on our nation all served the trolls in Washington...the bureaucrats that actual run this country.

No one should know Fauci's name but we all do. As a certain Romanian reader of mine would say...he was a useful idiot.

Before its all over he's gonna be a shattered, crushed, shell of a man.

I'm calling it now.

His fall from grace will be dramatic.

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