Monday, June 21, 2021

Pyotr Morgunov (Ivan Gren Class Landing Ship) on exercise in the Barents Sea...takes on armor & Special Ops personnel...

via The Barents
The Pyotr Morgunov this week cruised into the far northern bay on the Barents Sea coast few kilometers from Norway. The ship drifted onto the shore, whereupon armored personnel carriers, trucks and a big number of special operations soldiers got onboard.

The landing vessel is the Russian Navy’s newest ship of the kind, incorporated in the Northern Fleet early this year.

According to the Northern Fleet press service, the loading of the Pyotr Morgunov was part of a rehearsal aimed at testing vessel capacity.

Several dozens of vehicles were taken onboard the ship, including more than 30 BTR-80 personnel carriers and trucks, as well as a battalion of special forces from the nearby base of Sputnik.


I wonder if those wartime simulations have the Russians storming across the frontier while also dropping paratroops along their MSR with amphibious forces conducting a mechanized assault deep in their rear areas...all with Special Ops are sowing confusion and going after ever command location they can find to take scalps?

If not then they might want to revise their thinking.

The Marine Corps might have abandonded combined arms but the Russians haven't.  

Quite the contrary.

They will holistically combine amphibious assault, airborne assault, special ops along with the shock of a heavy armored strike across frontline positions...all while bombarding every known enemy location with savage volleys of missile and artillery strikes.

The Chinese too.

I don't think we're ready. The Pentagon is talking a good game and exercising the hell outta of our forces but I don't think they're ready for the body bags and flagging national will that will result from sudden shock action.

I would highly recommend that a concerted education campaign be carried out poste haste.  First to the elected officials in each nation of the Western world and then the populations need to be steeled to the realities of peer vs peer war.

Defense Depts/Ministries sell the idea of bloodless war.  The next one will be everything BUT!

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