Sunday, June 13, 2021

Quick Political Hit. You're being manipulated on this "Justice Dept under Trump spying on reports thing"

 Just a quickie.

You do know you're being manipulated on the "Justice Dept under Trump spied on reports thing" don't you?

Do you remember the time right after his election (and we can tell from reports of how long they extended this thing that this happened just after his election)?

Everyone in DC was leaking all kinds of stuff.  The FBI, Justice Dept, the News was obvious that they were attempting to take down Trump.

This isn't a defense of the dude just a tick tock of the time we lived thru.

I don't know how they worked it out but you saw a few select reports getting breaking news on an almost daily basis and the news media breaking arms patting themselves on the back because of it.

It was quite disgusting.


Now we discover there was a leak investigation but what has me puzzled is the fact that the only person I remember getting arrested was some chick that worked for a defense contractor in Florida(?).

I'm sure they had the goods on quite a few reporters and even a few Congress people but didn't pull the trigger.

That's the real scandal.

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