Wednesday, June 09, 2021

The Amphibious Combat Vehicle looks like it's gonna survive. But how? How does it fit with FD2030?

I was wrong.

Yeah.  I know.  I'm just as surprised as you that I could get it wrong.

Having said that I just don't get it.  How does the ACV fit into future plans with FD2030 hanging out there like a monster?

No need to rehash my complaints about FD2030.  I've stated them loudly and so much that many of you are annoyed.

I get it.

But bear with me one second.  A lighter, more mobile force.  One that moves by light amphibious warship and air.  A force that is designed to be the "eyes" of the joint force, and one that uses stealth as protection just doesn't seem to need an ACV.

With budget issues looming and some of the cuts we've seen I thought this would be a natural.

My thinking?  Kill the ACV and you put a nail in the coffin of ever rebuilding the Marine Corps back into a legacy Air-Ground Task Force.

Making the JLTV the ground combat vehicle would go a long way toward forcing the type of cultural change that I believe is being sought.

But I was wrong on the ACV so I admit that I could be wrong in my thinking here.

So I ask.

Where do you guys see the ACV fitting into FD2030?  How will this new force use a vehicle that from my seat fits into the way we once did business but won't anymore?

I'm truly confused on this one and don't understand the thinking.

One last thing.  I stand by my statement that by 2030 we'll see an end strength of the Marines falling to 150K or less.  Killing off Assault Amphibian Battalions would help with the biggest cost the Marine Corps faces....personnel costs.

No matter how you slice it I just don't get this!

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