Friday, June 18, 2021

US Army has their robot MLRS launcher too...and it carries TWO FULL PODS...

Tell me again why the Marine Corps was upfront on this thing and standardized on a JLTV based launcher instead of going in the Army's direction and just putting on an FMTV chassis (like we do now!)? Talk about wasting resources!

What does this indicate?

A EXTREME bias toward absurd lightness.

Are we about to do away with our FMTV mounted MLRS?  Not in the cards from what I've read and if that's the case then the JLTV based model with only 6 rounds MAKES NO SENSE.

From a lethality point it makes no sense and from a mobility point again it makes no sense.

The reality is that the Army will be doing what the Marine Corps Commandant wants to in the Pacific WHILE performing the new mission of being the nation's force in readiness because our so called brains in Quantico tossed that role to them.

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