Sunday, June 06, 2021

US Army Security Force Assistance Brigades are training in the jungle...

The US Navy, USAF, & USMC might think that the Pacific belongs to them (and the Chinese) but the US Army is pivoting hard to get into the action. Not only are they taking on responsibility for forcible entry, rapid response, crisis response and winning the ground fight in all climes and places, but they're also going to be a big part of the fight in the Pacific. 

The 25th is wearing out their Jungle Instructors and Air Assault cadres but they're also pushing thru SFABs now. My prediction on their response is coming true. Th 25th ID is all in and will be the Army's point of the spear in that region. I'm almost positive that a Special Forces Group is reorienting and I'd bet that we'll soon see a reorganization of the 2nd Infantry soon. 

Two Army divisions with ship killing missiles, a robust anti-air capability NOW (in the form of Patriot batteries) and mobility to get it all moving (especially since we're getting excess amphibious shipping capability leaving LHA/LHD/LPD available to transport Army units) means the Army SHOULD have a solid case for increasing its manpower. 

I'll make another prediction and I think it's early but it's coming. I fully expect to see Congressional action to chop the mandated size of the Marine Corps and I don't think you'll see pushback from Marine Corps leadership. 3 Divisions will within the next 10-20 years be a thing of the past.

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