Tuesday, June 08, 2021

US govt lab concludes that the Coronavirus leaked from the Chinese lab in Wuhan?


Too many stories about this.

Too big a whiplash from saying that it was from nature to now embracing the ONCE conspiracy theory that it was manmade.

I believe we're gonna hear an announcement soon that they have confirmed that the preponderance of the evidence points out that this thing got away from the Chinese.

But it gets worse for more than Fauci.

For better or worse the US military is a "trusted" organization.  If they were used to funnel money to this lab then you can bet we're gonna see other shoes drop in this thing.

Fauci is about to go down.

He won't go down alone.

It must be strange to go from being a rock star to being practically mud. 

I'm sure Gov that pushed the draconian shut downs will get hammered in due time.  That just leaves the medical profession.  I wonder if they'll escape unscathed.  I saw a banner declaring 2020-2021 the year of the nurse.

I believe they've tried real hard to push the hero meme on them.  Will it last or will they face some backlash?  Don't get me wrong.  They did work. Hard, valuable work.  But they also preached and lectured.

We'll see soon enough. 

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