Saturday, June 19, 2021

US Navy Sailors conduct a simulated mass casualty drill in response to a helicopter raid training least they're training to get hit hard...

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class West Mitchell, a corpsman with 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit converses with a fellow sailor prior to conducting a mass casualty drill to assess skills and coordination between integrated units aboard the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) in the Philippine Sea, June 18, 2021. Marines with Battalion Landing Team 3/5, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), carried out a helicopter raid training exercise, where they sustained notional causalities who were then transported to USS America for treatment. The 31st MEU is operating aboard ships of the America Ready Group in the 7th fleet area of operations to enhance interoperability with allies and partners and serve as a ready response force to defend peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
I'm glad they're practicing this.

What I can't figure is how they expect to get these Missile Marines out if they get hit hard.

Remember the pacing threat is the Chinese.

So if they conduct a helo-raid against a Chinese held possession and get hit so hard that it turns into a mass casualty event then you can bet that means aircraft are down, anti-air defenses are up and judging by the looks the Chinese are doing things you're gonna have a highly mobile mech force roaming around picking off anyone that didn't get nailed in the first assault.

I'm also assuming that prep work was done before hand (or maybe not...this concept has so many holes that it looks like they're making it up as they go) so confidence was there that they could pull it off...meaning that additional assets weren't called in to assist.

So aircraft are down.

A mass casualty event is in effect.

We can assume Marines are dead and we can assume that survivors are penned down.

Ya know what this looks like to my minds eye?  A modern day Mayaguez Incident on steroids...

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