Friday, June 04, 2021

Western Forces just stop! Armor needs to be moved by hi-speed sealift NOT aircraft!

I've watched this trend for decades and its annoying!

As armor has developed to the point we're at now its downright aggravating! The hole in our expeditionary warfare capability is simple.

You don't move armor by aircraft!  

You move it by high speed sealift!

That's the reality but I don't see any Western Navy working to solve that problem! Every Wester force is so enamored by the "air-centric" mafia that common sense is no longer common!

It almost mirrors the focus on raids, raiding and a mucked up vision of expeditionary warfare.

In short?

Seizing airfields is sexy.

Seizing ports is harder and unsexy!

Think about it.  Forces are all piling on the bandwagon of fighting in mega cities but the thought of seizing a port is too tough!

Want to take the mind fuck a step further?

A long while ago I was talking to some carrier bubbas and they gave some OUTLANDISH speed capabilities of aircraft carriers (I've heard the number between 35 to 40 knots being tossed around).  If that's even close to the mark then we have a serious problem.

Why aren't we building transport ships that can make similar speed to get an armored brigade task force across the Atlantic or Pacific to get our heavy stuff to the fight without having to break our air lift force?

Oh I know why.  It's not popular.  It's not sexy.  It's not glamorous.  It's semi-hard.

We need to get our heads back in this.  China ain't sitting still and they're meching up across the board...they're building an expeditionary force that will meet us on the ground and at the very least equal us.  Light fighters will be found, fixed and destroyed by enemy shock and maneuver....

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