Thursday, July 15, 2021

A quick article covering the M50 Ontos...perhaps the most "Marine" direct fire vehicle ever built...



Its a quick read with great pics (a few of them are here)...but what stood out to me was this quote...
One of the Marine officers leading the siege of the Citadel later identified the Ontos as “the most effective of all Marine supporting arms,” in the Battle of Hue.

Naval guns, Marine/Navy air, artillery, mortars...none of that was as effective in the Battle of Hue City as the M50 Ontos.

Direct fire support is currently out of style in the US Marine Corps.


Not because its the end of tanks (which is a shame) but its a pity because when you have to re-learn lessons it usually comes with a heavy price.

Let's hope the US Army's Armor is around or else the New Marine Corps could face some very bad times. 

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