Friday, July 16, 2021

China tests its reusable spaceplane!


Space will be a battlefield.

I can't even imagine the implications of that.  Land based warfare was bad enough.  Sea based is (in my estimation) barely manageable.  Aerial warfare is tilting toward being outside the realm of human activity and will be ruled by robots.

But space warfare?

The implications are ominous.

Knock out a few key sats and you can bring a nation to its knees.  

Blind it.

Leave it open to attack.

Does a prudent leader launch nukes out of an abundance of caution?

How do you defend essential sats against enemy activity?  Space stations would seem to be juicy targets.

Do we need a base on the moon to simply ensure being capable of being able to adequately defend ourselves?  And if the Chinese build one does that mean that we're talking about ground combat on the moon?

This will escalate and it will get out of control!  I'll be dead and gone but it will be a fascinating future (notice I didn't say good) once this gets going good.

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