Monday, July 26, 2021

Chinese defense expert says the short distance between China & Taiwan means they'll complete all combat tasks before we can react...

via Newsweek
"The current drills a short distance away could be considered a routine exercise, but I think they're specially targeted [at Taiwan]," Du added. "Taiwan is the target."

"How much time would the U.S. really have?" Du said, in the event China decided to launch a wave of attacks to invade the island.

He added: "Before U.S. forces arrive, we will have completed all our combat tasks. They will have no chance to intervene in a Taiwan Strait conflict."


I've stated the same.  Anyone that disagrees is just being foolish and hasn't looked at a map.  The only way we can viably defend Taiwan is if we have forces on the island to act as a tripwire...along with the stated intent to go nuclear should landings be attempted.

Barring that, the defense of Taiwan is a fantasy. 


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