Wednesday, July 21, 2021

It basically came down to this. The US Navy is wrecked beyond recognition and the USMC is jumping thru hoops to support its fuck up...


Hearing the CNO this week has been educational.

Surprisingly honest too.

He didn't go all the way but far enough to know the truth (finally).

The US Navy is fucked up.

It no longer has Naval Superiority.

It is no longer viable in the Pacific.

The USMC must assist with the sea battle (the US Army too) because the Navy along with the US Air Force are incapable of carrying the day.

This will have major ramifications for the nation.

Navy leadership (along with a couple of Presidents and Congress) have failed the nation.

The crazy thing?

We must become the guerrilla force to counter China, not the other way around.

Over committed, too wasteful and the loss of a true warrior ethos means that I have little confidence we will recover this lost ground.

How long before we're defending our own hemisphere instead of projecting power?

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