Friday, July 30, 2021

Most "hot takes" on Ms. Biles are WRONG...NineLineApparel gets it right!


ninelineapparel What if the NFL told Tom Brady his touchdown passes will only be 4 points because he was too good? Or the NBA gave MJ 1 point instead of 2 because he scores much better than the other players? There would be outrage on ESPN, boycotts , death threats against David Stern, etc.

But when the Olympics imposed this on Simone Biles… *crickets…* DEAL WITH IT and compete. No petitions, withdrawals from the US Olympics Committee.

So, after practicing your routine for years, you must mentally and physically alter your performance to be appropriately scored to keep everything “fair”. And when you realize you don’t align with their “standards” you make the hard decision to not hurt your teammates score (who, btw, showed out yesterday!!) or risk your health in a sport where 1 bad slip can mean paralysis.

You’re labeled egotistical, overrated and most of all a “quitter” because you won’t conform.

In all honesty, the IOC quit on Simone. Not the other way around. -K. Slade

If this wasn't happening to a real person in real life I'd find it funny.

But it isn't.

This is real and a young woman is being torn apart by hateful comments for a variety of reasons (I won't even touch on what I suspect those reasons to be).

The IOC did indeed do an injustice to Ms. Biles and the whole world to include the USOC sat back and seems to be enjoying the spectacle.

We've reached a point where the media has us hating people we should be supporting and supporting people we should be hating.

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