Friday, July 30, 2021

Now the experts are warning that the next covid-19 mutation could kill 1 in 3 people...



This monster is gonna roam the planet for at least another decade before its put in its cage by this rate.

We just can't get away from it and the authorities keep trying the Chinese solution on free people.

When this is said and done there will be massive fingerpointing. This WILL affect the elections next year and we can see governors lose badly because of how they handled this thing.

If that expert health panel is correct then the draconian lockdowns we've had in the past will be nothing compared to what we will be required to do in the future.

The terrible thing?

Too much political capital has been spent too soon.  The govt has a messaging problem and the flip flops are making some believe they're dishonest.

The worst thing?

The predicted re-set will be in full effect if we see 1 in 3 people killed by this thing.  Entire sectors of economy will be ravaged.  We'll see a massive die off of expertise in many fields.

Hell it'll be a baby resurrection...people will wonder where everyone went.  That's 33 percent of the human race gone.  That's huge.

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