Sunday, July 18, 2021

The medical community (and Faucci) are gonna have to come clean to get full vaccine compliance...

When you go to the gym and you hear this....

When you look at the victims of this disease (meaning those killed) and its obvious two things were at work...obesity and a co-morbidity...

When you see the media/medical establishment ignoring the reality of said facts...

And finally you have experimental vaccines then you have the ingredients of vaccine non-compliance.

It's obvious.

It makes sense.

It's to be expected.

Is there pushback from some conservatives?  You betcha.  Do I agree with any of these camps?

Not in my case.  I have an elderly father and if I can lessen the chance of him catching this thing then I will ... I took the vaccine not for me but to safeguard him.

But we're at an inflection point for the country.

More draconian rules from whatever govt entity will result in hard times for the govt entity.  The societal chaos that we've seen so far will look like a bright clear spring day.

We really can't afford more lockdowns and we can't afford to see this thing mutate.

We're in a  terrible spot and I can't come up with a solution. 

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