Thursday, July 22, 2021

This must read article by Congressman Gallagher (Former Marine) all but admits that we won't be ready in time against China...

 via USNI

Since coming to Congress, I have spent a good deal of time speaking and writing on naval topics. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to the Surface Navy Association, CSIS, and the Naval Institute, and writing for War On the Rocks, for example. In these conversations, I have come to realize that we can no longer afford just to preach to the sea power “choir.” As Admiral Phil Davidson, the former Commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, recently warned, we may have six years or less before the People’s Republic of China (PRC) takes action against Taiwan. Some have taken to calling this the “Davidson window.” Other senior leaders, including Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday and Commandant of the Marine Corps General David Berger, agree with his assessment. Think about that for a minute. The United States may only have a few years to prepare for a war that could decide the course of the remainder of this century.

Geography dictates such a war would be waged first and foremost by the Sea Services. The United States cannot simply pay lip service to the idea of naval supremacy anymore; we have to earn it, every day. To avert disaster—and make no mistake, that is where our present course leads—the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon must act with a sense of urgency and advocate for, build, and resource American sea power before it is too late.

The 2018 National Defense Strategy is predicated on deterrence by denial. So, what, exactly, do we seek to deny? The most stressing and dangerous scenario is a PRC “fait accompli” attack against Taiwan, which the United States would seek to deny through the use of integrated sea power. If we are honest with ourselves, this is not a task we are up to today. We have six years. This is an “Apollo 13” moment—lock all the smart people in a room and do not let them leave until they figure it out.

The Davidson window will close rapidly. We must build a battle force that is ready for war—not in 2045, but by 2025. Preparing for such a war will require hard choices today. We must grow our naval presence in Japan, Guam, and Australia—even if that comes at the expense of naval presence elsewhere. We must ensure our amphibious forces can contribute long-range fires to the fight. The Marine Corps needs long-range weapons and forces distributed across every U.S. territory and possession in the Indo-Pacific. Naval logistics must be able to deliver weapons, spare parts, food, fuel, and people in contested environments. There is not a moment to lose in this race.



Drink that in.  Taste it on your tongue and don't ignore how sour it is!


I've finally globbed onto the idea that the USMC is bastardizing itself and ruining itself because the Navy is so jacked up.

I didn't think it was this bad.

Even with things being as dire as they are, the Navy is still paralyzed.  Navy leadership is still lost in the woods.


What's worse?

This Congressman basically has stated (without meaning to I think) that we've already lost.

You've seen the Navy's ship building plan.  You've seen the state of Navy ships.  You've read the reports of how inadequate Surface Warfare Officer training/performance is!

We'll be fighting China with half our fleet (because alot of it will be in maintenance or taking care of all our OTHER commitments) and the stuff that is available will be dependent on Naval Air, Marine & Army Ground/Missiles and Air Force assets to keep it AFLOAT much less win the battle.

I'm gonna re-read this thing a couple of times.  This guy knows the terrible truth and I believe he's trying to warn us just like that Navy Capt that got sacked for telling the truth (I believe he was the Intel Chief for the Pacific).

The craziest thing?

The American public is not prepared mentally for a peer conflict. American business is not prepared for this conflict.  Congress isn't prepared either.

So our society isn't ready for the war.  We're already facing societal chaos because of the pandemic.  Our economy is based on cheap Chinese goods and somehow we're suppose to get ready for war against them?

Sorry folks.

I stand ready for the pain.  Call me unpatriotic.  Call me a fool.  Call me whatever but I just don't see how we can fight and win with the force we have (which will remarkably be unchanged by 2025).

Tell me I'm wrong.

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