Thursday, July 01, 2021

Want to know what real tyranny is? A bureaucrat that discovers power.

This is crazy!

They're drunk on power and the real concern that ALL medical personnel should have is what happens if a big bad shows up that starts slamming people of all ages?

Covid-19 is a (in my mind) a generation kill. 

It attacked the old and the infirm (of all ages).

If the next one is more "liberal" in its target set (meaning the age rage of what it kills) then acting slowly could be hazardous to our society.

Unfortunately because of medical pros current reaction, doubt will be sown and people won't get onboard as fast.

Additionally this masking scheme has been shown to be fraudulent and its caused friction in our society (we all need N95's not simple cloth masks to protect ourselves...they know it but they're still pushing this as a way to control the population).

If I was in charge I'd rebuild the Civil Defense Corps, buy N95s like they're going out of style, and I'd start a massive education campaign for the public.

China will slip again.  Or Iran.  Or N. Korea.  Or even us.  Wildfire events (remember reading a bioattack being labeled that) need to be planned for.  

I mean its just a cheap nuke that's apparently hard to trace back...apparently.

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