Sunday, August 15, 2021

Americans told to shelter in place in Kabul?

Watching the news and I heard that the State Dept has told American citizens to shelter in place?


Approx 5K troops ain't gonna be able to enter that city and get them out.  Between the Taliban, their sympathizers, traitors in general and criminals looking to take advantage/settle scores, that's a mission from hell.

Could we be looking at a potential hostage situation in addition to the general clusterfuck?

Could you imagine the Taliban grabbing...let's say 100 US citizens...and we not only have a replay of the fall of Saigon but also the Embassy crisis in Iran!

This administration is getting bogged down by events.  Somehow I don't think their agenda is gonna get much air time with the situations going on.

Oh and that reminds me.

We're all focused on Afghanistan but don't sleep on Haiti.  They just had an earthquake, USAID is on the ground, the Coast Guard dispatched helicopters and a ship...and my guess is that they're gonna have to activate a few more ships/soldiers/Marines to help out down there or else we're looking at a humanitarian disaster in our backyard along with even MORE mass migration.

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