Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hurricane Ida...Here we go again...

Yeah! Here we go again.

Blogging gonna be lighter than it usually is (lately) cause I gotta get my "house" go bag, "work" go bag and other shit checked/re-checked.

Preps are done but just dotting i's and crossing t's is the thing. Storm sped up on me so it's a minor change in plans.  Getting in to work will be easy.  The 4in lift and the light bar/can lights I put on the bronco will see me thru.  Its just what comes after.

Ya know it really ain't the hurricane per se thats the issue.  Its what comes with it.  Rain and winds.  Rain causes flooding and only so much water can run off so fast and the wind causes all the beautiful shade producing trees to become sledge hammers against powerlines, houses and cars.

Still no worries.  Back to normal soon.

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