Wednesday, August 18, 2021

In walk the investigators/lawyers....In the MIDDLE of an operation the bureaucracy goes after our warriors...

via Air Force Times... 
The Washington Post, which first reported the discovery of the remains on Monday, noted that the pilots declared an in-flight emergency when they could not pull up their landing gear. 

The aircrew diverted to a nearby country and the human remains were found upon inspection, the Post reported. Stefanek said she could not confirm the Washington Post’s story. She did not answer what the Air Force will do with the remains as the investigation begins. Air Mobility Command, which manages the American airlift fleet, and international partners are working with OSI on the inquiry. 

“Beyond the OSI review, AMC and safety officials are doing due diligence to better understand how events unfolded and ensure the continued safety of current and future flight ops as we support the mission in Afghanistan,” Stefanek said in the release.


Its obvious how this happened.

Afghans (almost all men of fighting age...they can fight to escape but couldn't fight to save their country) rushed the flight line, got onto the runway, clung to an airplane that was taking off and got squished in the process.

Why OSI has to investigate this is beyond me.

NOTE!!!  BlackTail states that because human remains were found in the landing gear of the C-17, that this qualifies as a Class A Mishap.  To that I say ok.  Don't know the rules for declaring something a Mishap, but I will say that a two second look at the vids of the chaos that these pilots/aircrew were dealing with should make this a non-issue.

Why the announcement of an investigation was made is beyond me...If this is anything but a formality then its a travesty.

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