Friday, August 27, 2021

“It’s kill or be killed, definitely trynna be on the kill side. #imnotsurprisedmotherfuckers #NDA.” was his final Instagram post...the Military Members killed in the suicide attack...


Story here...

These are the military men we sacrificed so that a few elite could feel good.  

Let it sink in.

This mission expanded because a few bleeding hearts started crying...but a few tears weren't enough.  Then the mission exploded and the numbers to be evacuated got out of control.

Anger increases.  This did not have to be and it didn't take rocket science to see it coming.

A few words at a podium or a few platitudes on Twitter don't even begin to cut it.

These guys are supposed to want the fight.  We're supposed to protect them from stupid situations.  Leadership is supposed to do their best to keep them from being placed in no win situations!

I failed to shout loud enough.  Military leadership failed to properly plan.  Political leadership failed because they were swayed by feel good bullshit.  We all have to do better.

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