Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Karzai Airport NEO...Mission Creep + Bad Options = Clusterfuck from hell....

I'm sure Biden thought that he would order the pullout, the military would pull it off quickly and then he could pivot back to his domestic agenda.

Further I believe that he knew he would get pushback from the elites and the foreign policy hawks but also knew that most Americans wanted the US out.

Then the moralist showed up.  In Europe and America.  Suddenly it became about getting out the people who helped us, while we were supposedly helping them for 20 years to bring their country into the 21st century.  It became how we "owed" them and how we had to evacuate them.

So now he's faced with bad options all around.


How many Afghans are we gonna evacuate?  We're basically conducting a mass migration operation.  No way in hell all those 17 year olds were helping us in our operations there!  But that's besides the point.

Does anyone know what the cutoff point is?


Idiot Westerners are all over the country.  I spoke about this earlier but the Taliban have hostages and I don't know if we can even reach them all.  This is gonna linger for at least another decade even if SOCOM makes a full bore push to grab them all.


How many American troops is Biden willing to sacrifice to save our allies?  Sorry but those Soldiers and Marines have families too.  They might be wanting the action but they don't make the decision.  Biden does.  Is he gonna allow outlandish moralization to cost our troops lives?

This thing is turning open ended.  We're seeing mission creep from hell.  This is gonna turn bad in a hurry.

Mark my words.

This could have been painful but quick.  Now its gonna be painful and lingering.  The combat mission might have ended but the combat rescue mission will last till Thanksgiving.

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