Friday, August 20, 2021

Northern Alliance retake a district. The civil war is on. Is a two state solution where we should push?

I don't know if anyone paid attention but I proposed that we should be pushing for a two state solution to Afghanistan.  

Taliban rules the south, the Northern Alliance the north.

I think it could work.  Even better?  We could establish those damn bases the Pentagon seems to lust so hard for AND we could actually make it a shining jewel (assuming the Taliban don't go crazy...but why would was essentially two state before we went in!).

My concern about this whole thing?

Foreign fighters rushing in (I guess that's what we were though) from all over the Middle East to battle the Great and Lesser satans.

I've said that we're looking at a regional war in the Middle East and I stand by it.  The only thing that's keeping it from burning bright is the covid crisis.

Once that abates then I'm betting its gonna rage full force.  Iran will have money, access to the oil markets, will be working on its nukes and will have us and Israel in its sights.

Saudi Arabia might even fall in a decade if we're not careful.

The 2020's are gonna suck...hope the missile construct is actually useful in the ME. 

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