Monday, August 30, 2021

Pray for my boys down N. Louisiana this storm has been nothing...

 It's crazy.

Got all spun up for a terrible storm but thankfully for us (practically anyone above I-10), its been a non-event (at least here in N. Louisiana, the storm did a jiggle and headed off towards MS.  They're getting hammered hard.

Long story short?

So far I've seen worse thunderstorms.  I'm good so thanks for the well wishes.

Pray for my boys down South though.  From what I've been monitoring its been bad.  Real bad.  Once again its the flooding (with some serious wind damage) that is gonna wreck people.

Some say Louisiana don't start till you get past Baton Rouge/Lafayette.  Of course I don't agree.  But one thing is certain.

They're paying a heavy price for living on the coast right now.  Industry is too (that's common though...when a hurricane hits Houston they're facing the same issue with just a much bigger population).

To be expected.  Year round outdoor activities from hunting/fishing, boating, riding your ATV, camping and just all the other things you do in the "sportsmen's paradise" come with the built in price of hurricanes.

Gonna take a short beat and post pics of my work bag, INCH bag, ITEOTWAWKI bag and some other shit I'm doing.

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