Monday, August 30, 2021

Question. Does SOCOM need a dedicated Special Ops Sub? Does the Saab A26 fit the bill?


I'm just spitballing here.

SOCOM has dedicated aviation forces.  It has dedicated naval personnel to get them ashore via surface means.

Does it need a dedicated submarine...especially in light of the ramp up in the Pacific?

I'm just saying!  How many more missions can you stack on our nuke boats?  Ship killing, launching cruise missiles against land targets, intel gathering, scouting for the fleet...AND delivery of SOCOM personnel on highly classified missions?

We're running them hard.  Probably the crews too.

If we're talking about a littoral fight then doesn't it make sense to have a sub that is built to fight in the littoral environment?

Doesn't it make sense to have one of the quietest subs on the planet in our fleet?

Who would use it?  The question is better said as "who wouldn't!"

I can SEALs/MARSOC/Special Forces/Para-Rescue/Rangers/Force Recon-Recon and probably even a few conventional forces with the trained personnel.

2 per coast is my initial thinking.  Probably re-assess once we get a better idea of actual need (and no...not that combatant commander bullshit...they've been proven to draw forces just to draw forces...the kingdoms must be maintained)

What say you?

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