Saturday, August 28, 2021

The sad reality for our European friends...specifically the British (that seem to be complaining the most)...



"the west could not continue this US-led mission [in Afghanistan]... without American logistics, without US airpower, and without American might"

America's leadership (both civilian and military) make a big show of "joint operations and partnerships.  They have tons of dog and pony shows that in reality do nothing but provide opportunities for individuals to have another pic on the "I love me" wall.

The reality is stark.

Not even on the European continent are our allies able to fight alone and win.

Not even in their own backyard.

They have given their citizens LAVISH social programs (in comparison to the US) with one reality.

The US is the guardian for the West.  Does it give us certain benefits?  Once I'm sure.  Today I'm not so sure.

But even with the coming of the Biden Admin one thing is clear.

We don't dance to their tune.

We don't do as they say when they say it.

I'm sure that in certain circles that irritates to no end but personally I'm pleased.


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