Friday, August 13, 2021

We have a moral obligation to Afghanistan? I say no.

 Alot of hand wringing going on about Afghanistan by the talking heads in the media.

A recurring theme is that we have a moral obligation to that nation and that future allies will see this and consider us to be unreliable.

I say no to all of the above.

I don't believe we have a moral obligation to Afghanistan.

I don't believe we will be judged by the failure of the current govt to defend itself from the Taliban.

I do believe that this is another folly of the Globalist "thinkers" that inhabit the State Dept and Pentagon now.

Additionally this is an indictment of our way of war.  Correction.  This is an indictment of touchy feely war.

Conquest and destruction has been replaced with a weird liberalization (from I hate to say it...Neo-Cons/Dems) that we must attempt to push our values on other cultures.

It has rarely worked and when it did it only worked with societies that mirrored our own, but even then ONLY after they had been completely and utterly defeated.

As long as lawyers are in the war room and as long as we attempt to fight half hearted wars we will see this result.  The sad reality is that until we get back to unrestricted warfare we will always see repeats of  Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or whatever the next one will be.

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