Thursday, August 19, 2021

We've got to get the Order Of Battle for the siege of Karzai Airport together...

Jon (a reader of this blog) put together the Order Of Battle for the siege of Karzai Airport. Let's see if you're as stunned as I was by the number of forces on the ground...
From what I gather the orbat is:
-Commander, US Forces Afghanistan (a SEAL Rear Admiral)
--82nd Airborne Division HQ
---Airborne brigade from the 82nd
----3x Airborne battalions
----Infantry battalion from the 10th Mountain (original embassy security force)
---5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
----Marine battalion from the 24th MEU
----Marine battalion from CENTCOM SPMAGTF
----Minnesota Army National Guard battalion
---elements of an Army Combat Aviation Brigade (Black Hawks, Chinooks, Apaches)

UK Paratroopers

Over watch provided by Carrier Air Wing 5 flying off the Reagan CSG and other 9th Air Force assets

Back of the napkin, OLD SKOOL calculations would have this being at LEAST Regiment sized.

That's alot of infantry on the ground and it leaves out security forces that allied air forces are bringing with them to safeguard their aircraft/aircrew.

Additionally it leaves out the Special Ops bubbas that have flowed into country to do only God knows what.

If you're dismissive of the way the Pentagon handled this situation (and how could you be when they have to follow the orders of civilian leadership that is at best arrogant and at worst stupid as fuck) then at least be impressed by how quickly they flowed this many personnel to the scene.

Personally I'm beyond impressed. 

NOTE.  I stand ready to make any corrections to this list.  If you have different info then hit me up. Another thing. Is it Brit Paratroops or the entire 16 Air Assault?

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