Sunday, August 08, 2021

Worked a rodeo and concert last night...

 So there I was.  Working a rodeo and concert last night.  Drunk cowboys, and rednecks everywhere.  The rodeo was exciting to watch (loved the bull riding...mix a high speed car crash with watching a high wire act with swirling winds along with a good MMA fight - in this case man against bull - and you pretty much know why I found that shit fascinating and a good watch!) and the singer was some dude that I never heard of but was a pretty awesome country singer.

Fast forward a couple of hour and everyone is good and licker'ed up.

Nothing serious but we had a few...fights...not anything that I'd call a real fight more like a bit of energetic jostling.

Low and behold we're getting one cowboy out the arena when I see the local PD roll up.  Then another.  Another.  Then about 6 more of them.

I ask the dude what the fuck ya'll got going on out here?

The response?

We heard ya'll were involved in a melee....Sheriff's Deputies back to back fighting off a crowd.

I was shocked.

Not because of the call.  The public can be batshit stupid.  Easily excitable and too much TV makes people's imaginations run wild.

What was shocking is the response.

Felt good man.  Felt real good.  If you don't get it then I can't explain it.

Digging the lifestyle.

I'm going work out.  

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