Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Chinese warships operating off the coast of Alaska...this was inevitable and there is more to come...

This was inevitable and I'm afraid the Coast Guard isn't prepared for it.

Consider this.

The US Navy (and now our allies) are conducting almost constant freedom of navigation exercises off the coast of China.

From their chair this must seem provocative.  The funny thing?  I totally get their feelings.  I've warned before that if the Chinese were running freedom of navigation ops in the Gulf of Mexico I'd be losing my shit.

We'll I can expect to do just that in the near future.

If you slap a man you must be prepared to get slapped back.  A tit for tat if you will.  The law be damned if someone punches you its only natural (and should be expected) that you'll get punched back.

Well we "punched" China so they'll be in the Gulf soon.  It's only natural.

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