Monday, September 20, 2021

Have you noticed the new "power" alliance in the Pacific? Australia/UK/US....

Have you noticed the new "power" alliance in the Pacific?


Left out is Japan, S. Korea, India and a few other notables.

This might not seem like a big deal to you but it is to me.  From my chair its huge.

Just a bit ago I talked about how the power dynamics had changed because the S. Koreans are pursuing ballistic missiles.  This doesn't apply to the readers here, but in other places the assumption was made that China was the target.

We knew better.

Now the AUKUS is on the rise.  Less talk of Japan & S. Korea in the fight against China and it all makes sense.

Policy makers in (especially) Australia & the US realize that the assistance of those two countries is conditions based (conditions that we would not understand).  Additionally this gives the UK new 'vigor' in their claim on the Security Council and in world affairs.


The British Army is about to be raped...brutally raped.  The Royal Air Force and Navy are about to see a new time in sunshine. The Royal Marines are about to be frequent visitors and a welcome addition to SOCOM.

The Australian Air Force and Navy are gonna shine but the Australian Army IS NOT going to face the same fate as their Brit Counterparts.

Expect a strong shift to the US Army's stance of long range fires matched with armor.

In the US?  Much the same.  Berger is vindicated.  I don't know if he read the tea leaves or if he fucked with the brew but his vision will hold.

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