Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I just realized what annoys me about the current Administration.

 I just realized what annoys me about the current administration.

Let me head off on a tangent first.

Have you ever been in a professional class, seminar, meeting or school and while sitting there you got several feels all at once?

* These people actually believe they're as smart as they think they are.

* This shit will never work in real life.

* Who the fuck told these morons that this shit is really a good idea?

* You can tell they've never dealt with a, b, c and/or d in real life...something they're suppose to be subject matter experts in?

Well all of the above I believe applies to the Biden Administration. The smartest kids in the room aren't in charge.  The adults aren't back in charge.

We're being led by adults that never left college and theorize about how the world works while inside gilded cages of an Ivy League campus.

Your problem and mine?

We have to deal with this till at least 2022 if we're lucky.

God be with us cause I don't think our allies are cheering this new administration anymore.

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