Sunday, September 19, 2021

I'll call it now. Berger will be able to demonstrably demonstrate that Force Design 2030 will have more GROUND combat power than legacy...

I'll make the call now.

Berger will demonstrably demonstrate that his Force Design 2030, while shedding tanks, will have more GROUND combat power than the legacy force it replaces.

I called the reason why too.

The damn JLTV.

I'm thinking that going into the future you'll be hard pressed to find one that DOES NOT have a missile or 30mm cannon (or both) attached to it.

With 30mm/Missile equipped JLTVs all over the place it'll be a real boastful presentation slide that shows the GCE increasing in firepower.

Survivable, direct fires will still be problematic but Congress Critter rarely look at the details when they see stars on shoulders and are bedazzled with a chestful of medals.

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