Monday, September 06, 2021

No wonder people are fleeing big cities..Philly looks like shit!

I've seen people "stalled out" on Fen and Mojo but this is beyond the pale.

How is law enforcement supposed to deal with this?

Bigger question.

How do we compete with China when we have this kinda thing going on?

Time for a back to basics movement govt wide.  We've tried drug treatment.  Didn't work.  It's time to smash this shit.  

I know.  Destroyed lives over a personal choice argument.

Looking at that and tell me that isn't having a wider economic (business destroyed in that part of town or transformed to service the needs of the bums and druggies), and health implications (probably greater than Covid...have you been to an emergency room on a Fri, Sat nite....that's why urgent cares are so popular ... at least in my area).

Past time to look after VITAL national interests only...but taking care of the mess at home should come first.

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