Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Personal public whine...

 I'm in the process of recovering from a hernia.  Let me tell ya.  You totally underestimate something till you go thru it yourself.

This thing was a beast.

Wiped me out the day of the Surgery (last Thurs) and kept me on my back (literally) till yesterday.  I don't believe I've slept so much since I was a baby.

The weird thing.

I thought I'd be up and running by now but I'm still sore as hell and something messed up when they pulled me out of anesthesia cause (according to my girl) I was bucking hard and told the nurses/doctors that I couldn't breathe.

Don't quite remember it but she said they called in some respiratory techs (men) and VA police because they couldn't hold me down and simply compromised by letting me sit-up with something to rest my legs on so I could finally chill the fuck out.

The sad thing.

I've had this since last year.  My surgery was delayed because of covid.  In the meantime and between time I put myself on a self imposed "profile" but kept lifting.  

I went high volume on most days but had at least one day of going heavy.

I don't think my profile helped and might have hurt.  Gotta ask about that for my personal after action on this thing.

Probably too much information but yeah!  BRO!!!!  Take care of yourselves!  I'm not a fan of the medical community but assess the guidelines they give you to get the best outcome possible.

I'm not saying go 110% with their pronouncements cause for the most part they're pussies, but consider it.

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