Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Really loving my Hi-Lux TD-3!

Before I got pinned to the bed (after my surgery...up and running hopefully early to mid next week), I bought the Hi-Lux TD-3.

How would I describe it?  LUV IT!!!!

First up is the glory shot from the Hi-Lux page before I get to showing it to you on my daily carry.

Let me post another pic a few more pics from their website so you can see what made me gravitate to this budget option.

If you're still wondering what the hell I'm talking about its how much glass you have there.  No pin prick glass to look thru.  I believe that complaint about the RMR caused Trijicon to develop the SRO.

That's a totally different blog post though.

The Hi-Lux TD-3 is a solid build.  It feels good in hand, fits the RMR foot print and costs SIGNIFICANTLY less.  The list price is $199 but I know they were on sale for about $150.

Take my word on this one guys.  GET IT AT THIS PRICE POINT WHILE YOU CAN!  Once word hits the street people are gonna be gobbling these things up like candy!

A few pics of the thing on my daily carry...

No jokes about my G26.  It's small, I like it and I carry it everywhere.  No jokes about the slide!  I wanna a little flavor.

Oh and in before someone says it (cause someone will) I (had to re-write this portion cause the original writing would be taken out of context!!!), DON"T ABUSE MY GEAR!  I need it to function and I take care of it so that it does! Some dudes on YouTube do that type of thing so get them to beat the hell outta the thing if that's your vibe.

Back to the red dot.


I FREAKING LOVE IT.  Nailing shots at distance even with my tired eyes.  This is good stuff.

I need to check on the discount (got it thru Expert Voice membership) because if I remember correctly I could pass it along to friends.

Since my tribe (that's you guys) are all my friends I'll see if it applies to you all.

Check it out here for yourself though.  

BONUS!  I was supposed to do a post of how it came in the packaging.  Never got round to it so here ya go...

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